Course curriculum

    1. The Hero's Journey | The Preparation Phase

    2. Overview of the Hero's Journey

    1. The Hero's Journey | The Preparation & Transformation Phase

    1. The Hero's Journey | The Transformation & Return Phase

    1. The Hero's Journey | The Return Phase

About this course

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  • 5 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

Why Do You Need This Medicine Now?

We work through the energy that’s present NOW so breakthroughs can happen. The intention is to work through your roadblocks and desires NOW. This is way to share knowledge and move through some experiences so we can shift our energies. Knowledge and experiences together help us to integrate and embody new realities. This is how we can grow in our transformation journeys.

  • Get clarity on where and how these energies are playing out in your life

  • Shift out and up from the energies you wish to free yourself from

  • Be in your power! Reclaim and rebalance energies needed

  • Receiving an experiential journey and energy medicine to heal the parts of you that resonate with the above themes

You ARE the Hero of your life journey

Know where you are in the journey.