Learn what DreamFire is, whether yours is LIT and the pathways to meeting your soul and awakening yourself.

  • Learn how DreamFire can be our guiding compass to soul fulfilment

  • Understand why our DreamFire have been dimmed

  • Understand the importance of maps for soulseeking

  • Use of each map to get insights into understanding where you are in YOUR soul journey

  • Overview of the maps of Life Cycle, Soulcentric Map of Human Psyche, Descent into the Soul, Quantum Human Design and a Model of the Mind

  • BONUS sacred energy activation to meet deep dive into the waters of your subconscious

Course curriculum

    1. Your DreamFire Journey Masterclass

    2. Ignite DreamFire Meditation

About this course

  • Free
  • 2 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Katara Sky

Katara is a DreamMaker, Soul Activator, an educator and intuitive mentor and guide. She's a woman of fire, here to ignite the Fire of your Dreams, help you meet your Soul and Awaken yourself. Her vision is that we all reclaim our dreams, take our sacred place of belonging in the world and in weaving the Dreams of the Earth. By doing this, generations after us can live in greater connection with themselves, their ancestors, land and all their relations.

Start your soul journey now.