What is Medicine of the Elements and Why Do You Need It?

Learn through connecting with intuition and to Spirit. Shift out and up from where you are now to heal. Evolve to taking purposeful action in your life. Medicine of the Elements is taking you through a journey to get to know yourself. That sounds so simple, yet so intangible.. And that’s why it helps to have a bit of structure. Real transformation can happen when we combine education, experience and embodiment. I am inviting you to learn new things about yourself through over 55 videos of wisdom sharings and experiential exercises. There is also practical ways how to bring the learnings into an embodied way of living your new reality.

  • Develop and trust your intuitive abilities. Make big life decisions without second-guessing yourself.

  • Be in tune with The Real You to live authentically and boldly without compromising your core values.

  • Get clarity on your heart’s desires and biggest dreams to connect to greater purpose in life.

  • Learn, Shift out and up and Evolve from your current limitations. Overcome challenges in your way of success.

  • Trusting the path you’re on is for your highest good that leads you to YOUR infinite potentials. For example, being in your dream job, meeting the love of your life, changing your life around and so much more!


Course curriculum

    1. Start here.

    1. 1.1 The Power of Story

    2. 1.2 The Perceptual States

    3. 1.3 Maps of the Truthseeker

    4. 1.4 Air Medicine

    5. 1.5 The Energetics of Desire

    6. 1.6 Exercise: What is Your Desire?

    7. 1.7 Redefining Meditation

    8. 1.8 Receiving Medicine Journeys

    9. 1.9 Medicine Journey | Connection to Inner Senses

    10. 1.10 Exercise | Working Through A Story

    11. 1.11 An Entangled Life

    12. 1.12 Exercise | Roles of Characters in Your Story

    13. 1.13 Creating A Dream

    14. 1.14 Exercise | What is Your Desire Part 2

    15. 1.15 Medicine Journey | Connect to Your Innermost Desire

    16. 1.16 The Hero's Attributes

    1. 2.1 Fire Medicine

    2. 2.2 Understanding the Mind Part 1

    3. 2.2 Understanding the Mind Part 2

    4. 2.3 The Body Keeps the Score

    5. 2.4 Exercise | Perceive a Golden Moment

    6. 2.5 The Body's Communication

    7. 2.6 Exercise | Communicating with the Body Sensations

    8. 2.7 Discerning the Inner Voice

    9. 2.8 Exercise | Roadblocks to Your Desire

    10. 2.9 Redefining Healing

    11. 2.10 The Masterful Plan of All Stories

    12. 2.11 The Hero's Attributes

    13. 2.12 Exercise | Fire Ceremony

    14. 2.13 Medicine Journey | Transform and Release

    15. BONUS Medicine Journey | Transform with Fire and Sound

    1. 3.1 Earth Medicine

    2. 3.2 Medicine Journey | Connecting with the Elements

    3. 3.3 Connection to Nature and Sacred Space

    4. 3.4 Anchoring in Your New Reality

    5. 3.5 A Taste of Universal Laws

    6. 3.6 Exercise | Self Reflection on Karma and Wisdom

    7. 3.7 Exercise | Telling Nature's Story

    8. 3.8 Healing the Past to Better the Present

    9. 3.9 Medicine Journey | Connecting with Your Ancestors

    10. 3.10 Mastering Your Relationships

    11. 3.11 Exercise | Self Reflect on Your Relationships

    12. 3.12 The Hero's Attributes

    1. 4.1 Water Medicine

    2. 4.2 Dying Everyday

    3. 4.3 Introduction to Cyclic Wisdoms

    4. 4.4 Exercise | Drinking Water with Intentions

    5. 4.5 The Practice of Transparency

    6. 4.6 Meet People Where They Are

    7. 4.7 Living with More Presence

    8. 4.8 The Hero's Attributes

    9. 4.9 Your Creating Power

    10. 4.10 Cultivating Spirituality, Connection and Sovereignty

    11. 4.11 Medicine Journey | Meet the Real You

    1. Shamanizing About Air Medicine

    2. Shamanizing About Fire Medicine

    3. Shamanizing About Earth Medicine

    4. Shamanizing About Water Medicine

About this course

  • $277.00
  • 60 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content

Love from Students

What they're saying...

“Her wisdom and channeled guidance have fine-tuned the clarity and direction I was seeking. If you feel the inclination and have the opportunity to work with Kat, from experience, I would encourage you to take it. My warmest appreciation and respect for a gifted guide and Soul-sister.”

Raja Kjan | Bodrum, Turkey

“Through my work with Kat, the insight into my subconscious allowed me to hear my own intuition more clearly and help move me from being stuck in my anxiety to a place of more acceptance and understanding. I am truly grateful for her and her work.”

Karen Patterson | New York, USA

“Learning with Kat has given me tools to connect with myself better and know my true self. I’m able to make decisions that allow me to live my truth and enable me to take better decisions. She helped me with techniques to shift my mindset about certain emotions that were deeply buried, or obstacles that I did not see before! I highly recommend learning with Kat so you can choose to flow too and connect with yourself.”

Andre Dupont | Tulum, Mexico

Your DreamMaker

Katara Sky

Katara is a DreamMaker, Soul Activator, an educator and intuitive mentor and guide. She's a woman of fire, here to ignite the Fire of your Dreams, help you meet your Soul and Awaken yourself. Her vision is that we all reclaim our dreams, take our sacred place of belonging in the world and in weaving the Dreams of the Earth. By doing this, generations after us can live in greater connection with themselves, their ancestors, land and all their relations.

Are you ready to deep dive into self discovery?