Developing Your Intuition Starts Here

  • Short Lectures

    Watch a few foundational (but short) lectures on why we all have access to our intuition and why we need it more now than ever.

  • Exercises

    Two experiential exercises to actually "try out" your intuition and start getting a sense of how it communicates with you.

  • Interviews

    Enjoy a shamanizing circle between 4 healers and practitioners as they discuss about how they use intuition in life and share their tips for you to develop yours.

A bit about this course

Course curriculum

    1. Defining Intuition and Why We Need More of It

    2. Understanding the Language of Intuition

    3. Why Intuition is the #1 Tool You Need to Have

    1. Exercise | Perceiving a Golden Moment

    2. Exercise | Automatic Writing

    1. Introducing you to Four Practitioners and Healers

    2. How Do You Use Intuition in Decision Making?

    3. What Does it Mean to Dive Deeper into Ourselves

    4. Do You Feel More Prepared in Life (with Intuition)?

    5. How to Maneuver Through Doubting Your Intuition?

    6. Tips About Developing Intuition

    7. How Does Intuition Help Us Express Ourselves

    1. What now?

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Love from Students

What they are saying...

“I’ve been working with Kat for a couple of months now. She has helped me greatly with intuition, following my gut feel, spirit guides and many other issues in my daily life. What’s amazing is that Kat has this unique ability to tap into what’s happening in your life without you knowing exactly what’s happening. She will offer you insights and you’ll wonder – How did she know that? What’s happening here – where did that come from? Kat is always coming up with things that surprise me (In a good way!) If you want to tap into a deeper version of yourself, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Marc S. | Yorba Linda, USA

“The time working with Kat, the medicine that she is and the medicine that she walks, is nothing short of transformational, magickal. The depth of her presence, and the depth of her magick is something that inspires me on a daily basis. It helps me connects to my heart, to Spirit, to the magick of living. I’m so so grateful for Kat to have come into my life, showing me the beauty way, showing me the connection with Spirit, the birds, the animals, trees - just aligning with what is important to me, what my function is here, as a custodian of life. Kat, I'm so grateful for you sister. ”

Nick Lawson | Mullumbimby, Australia


Katara Sky

Katara is a DreamMaker, Soul Activator, an educator and intuitive mentor and guide. She's a woman of fire, here to ignite the Fire of your Dreams, help you meet your Soul and Awaken yourself. Her vision is that we all reclaim our dreams, take our sacred place of belonging in the world and in weaving the Dreams of the Earth. By doing this, generations after us can live in greater connection with themselves, their ancestors, land and all their relations.

Trust yourself more, tap into your intuition